Choisir entre la brosse à dents manuelle et électrique

Hygiène août 24, 2020

The classic toothbrush now has a competitor: the electric toothbrush which can be fitted with batteries or rechargeable batteries. The question is whether the "modern" version is more effective. Here are some answers.

Manual or electronic toothbrush?

Today, 1 in 10 French people use the electric toothbrush . Almost half of the population does not think this high-tech version is essential. Almost 25% of fans of the "classic" toothbrush even say they do not understand what the electronic brush has more. In general, many believe that oral hygiene is optimal with the "usual" toothbrush .

The duration of tooth brushing is essential

A recent study suggests that the electric toothbrush is more efficient than the manual version, for a similar brushing time . The modern variant removes more plaque and the risk of bleeding gum is reduced. However, by respecting the basic brushing rules ( at least 2 - 3 minutes, at least twice a day ), the manual toothbrush is just as efficient as its junior. The problem with the electric brush is that you tend to brush less time: oral hygiene is inevitably less good in this case. Whichever device you use, it is recommended that you keep an eye on the stopwatch .

Each accessory has its advantages

Ultimately, each model of toothbrush has certain advantages. With the manual toothbrush, the user can control brushing gestures . However, you must be careful to choose a model with a narrow head and not too long hairs so that the hairs can "sneak" between the teeth and to prevent the gum from being damaged.

For its part, the electric brush can clean the teeth “in depth” and makes it possible to reach both the grooves and the spaces between the teeth. Ultimately, it is the technique used that counts. And it is recommended not to rush on the products of first price and privilege the quality .

How to choose your brush?

When it comes to manual toothbrushes, you're spoiled for choice. Look for a model with a small head and soft bristles . The hard or medium bristle versions are irritating to enamel. The hairs themselves are preferably synthetic.

As for electric brushes, the choice is given between rechargeable models (preferred) and those with batteries. This accessory can have a long or round head. There are also rotary brushes or vibration brushes. If possible, bet on a brush that offers both rotation and vibration .

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