Quelques conseils pour avoir un joli sourire

Conseils juil. 30, 2020

To have a pretty smile is to have beautiful teeth. To achieve this goal, it is not necessary to invest in expensive products or to perform interventions. Discover some simple tips to apply on a daily basis .

Brushing your teeth

We cannot repeat it enough, brushing your teeth is essential to have beautiful teeth. The ideal would be to carry out this gesture after each meal while avoiding to carry out it just after the meal. It is better to wait a few minutes. Otherwise, brushing will be done in the morning upon waking and in the evening before bed . Each session should last a minimum of two minutes. Above all, do not hesitate to time to be sure you have spent enough time cleaning.

Watch out for sugar!

Foods rich in sugar are to be limited to the maximum to have beautiful teeth. Too much sugar promotes the appearance of dental plaque and consequently, that of cavities and gum problems. You have to be very reasonable about the consumption of carbonated drinks and sweet industrial products. Instead, favor so-called “cleaning” products. In this food category, we find carrots (raw), apples and celery . If it is impossible to brush your teeth after a meal, consuming such foods is recommended without forgetting the use of sugar-free chewing gum.And to avoid unsightly stains on the teeth, some drinks are to be avoided, in this case tea and coffee . And we will not fail to mention the cigarette, responsible for the most unsightly spots. Finally, it is good for dental health to consume at least one dairy product per day (yogurt or milk).

Some simple rules

Au-delà des règles d’alimentation, quelques règles simples sont à appliquer dans la vie de tous les jours. Prenez l’habitude de toujours verser toute boisson dans un verre au lieu d’en boire à même la bouteille. De cette manière, vous éviterez que le goulot ne frappe les dents et cause des fêlures. Dans la même optique, il est préférable de ne pas croquer les aliments durs (bonbon, glaçon…). Il vaut mieux les sucer. Sachez, en effet, que le fait de croquer cause des petites fractures qui s’aggravent au fil du temps.

Among the good habits to take, there is the use of dental floss . This hygiene accessory can be used anywhere and anytime. It is not necessary to have a mirror available to get rid of the small impurities which would have entered between the teeth.

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